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I follow your instructions, but the log is empty. I can clearly see that secrteCRT connects to the second host, but it doesnt issue a command, and then I get the error...

Originally Posted by miked View Post
SecureCRT is not connected at that point. You need to be connected to the server before using crt.Screen.CurrentRow. I think there's probably much more going on here than we know yet, and should see a log file.

Can you send a SecureCRT raw log file showing the output pausing?

To create a raw log:
  1. Before connecting with the session, select "Raw Log Session" from SecureCRT's "File" menu.
  2. In the "Select Log File" dialog, choose a folder and filename in which you would like the log text to be stored and press the "Save" button. At this point, if you open the "File" menu, you will notice that the "Raw Log Session" menu item now has a check-mark next to it; this indicates that raw logging is activated.
  3. Now connect to the remote machine and perform the actions which cause the reported problem to occur.
  4. Once the problem occurs, disconnect the session and select "Raw Log Session" from the "File" menu to turn off the raw logging feature.
  5. Browse to the location of the raw log file and add the file as an attachment to your e-mail reply.
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