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Thank you Brenda,for taking the time to reply to my query.

Let me explain in detail:

So for all SSH Sessions I have the following properties:

The keyboard interactive is not selected. So what happens is that we use our Active Directory account for logins. And after 15 days we get a popup on our servers to change the password for admin accounts (which we are using to login to the switches). Once the password is changed, and I try to open a session, I get the interactive keyboard option with a "Store Password" Checkbox. So the issue is I have over 200+ devices that I need to logon to after the update and it gets tiresome to keep entering password and checking the store password. And this is only for 15 days then its rinse and repeat.

If I enable the Keyboard interactive login and goto properties it does give the option for stored password, just wondering if I can bulk select 200+ SSH session and re-configure the stored password for all of them?

Lastly, with regards to the button options, I was asking if there is a script or something similar that can be setup to give a text field pop-up, where I will enter my new password (at the end of 15 days) and it will automatically update the SSH sessions with this new password entered in the text field box.
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