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Hi UsamaWaheed,

I usually get the keyboard interactive authentication screen when I need to login.
The above makes it sound like you don't have a password/keyboard-interactive response saved in the sessions at all. Or did you mean you get the keyboard interactive auth screen when you need to change the password?

If so, I believe yes to the first question, but I want to verify where this data is stored for you. For SSH sessions, the password/keyboard-interactive response is saved either in:
  • Connection / SSH2 category of Session Options (Highlight Password or Keyboard-Interactive in the Authentication grouping, then choose the Properties... button. Is Store password enabled?)

  • Connection / Logon Actions category of Session Options (Are there entries in the Send/Expect fields?)

Furthermore, is there a way I can create a button for this, so I get a popup saying what's the new password and it gets applied to all stored SSH Sessions?
I don't understand this question. Are you looking for a random password generator?

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