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SecureCRT / SecureFX File Transfer Not Working

Good Morning!! I am new to SecureCRT and am evaluating it in my lab.

I am trying to connect to my lab ASA and am getting some errors when I first login and when I am trying to transfer files.

If at first error, I select OK, prompts for a user name, I enter username and select ok. A "Select Public Key File Windows Explorer box opens.I select Second error comes up same as the first.

If I select skip, I am prompted with username and password. I can enter it and go directly into firewall.

When I am in firwall and I select SecureFX, I get the same error prompt. I can select skip and login using username and pw. I will see the disk0:/ directory with files. When I try to transfer a test file from my laptop to disk0:/ I get the same error message.

Here is what I have tried:

I have opened Session Options>SSH2>PublicKey>Properties

I have generated public keys and can browse to it in the documents directory, but it still doesnt work. What am I doing wrong?
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