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SecureFX files hang in the file editor forever before uploading


I just got a new computer and am running into problems with SecureFX. It used to be that when I used SecureFX, I could open a file on a server, edit it in Notepad, save it, and then instantly I'd be prompted on whether I wished to upload the edited file to the server.

On my new computer, however, it takes a large amount of time after I save a file (it's variable, but sometimes as long as 20 minutes!) before it finally prompts me on whether I wish to upload the edited file.

In addition, if I attempt to reopen the file that I'm still waiting for the prompt on, it will tell me: "The file [FILE NAME] is already open for editing, but the editor could not be brought to the foreground"--even long after I closed the file.

Any idea what's going on or how I can reconcile this problem?

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