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Thanks, and sorry for forgetting the basics - I'm on Windows, ver 8.5.3. And yes, master window / original instance makes sense.

I think I've managed to figure out the behavior: if I launch secureCRT.exe without the /T option, it always opens a new instance.

If I launch using the /T option, it will place the new connection inside a tab within the most recently focused master window.

Assuming this is the intended (i.e. consistent) behavior, I can do what I need by building a batch file that looks something like:

1) open first connection in the group WITHOUT the /T option.
- this opens a new master window with that connection
2) use windows "timeout 1"
- this is required to give the system time to launch the new window and get it focused
3) launch each subsequent connection with the /T option, and unless something grabs focus away from that window (which is pretty unlikely) they all open in tabs in that new window.
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