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Hi ljwobker,

I need to know some basic info. I assume SecureCRT/Windows since you mentioned a batch file, but what version of SecureCRT?

2) for some number of SSH sessions (between 1-10 most of the time) I want to call secureCRT.exe [lots of options] and have it open that session and options inside a new tab, but that new tab is inside the 'master window' I just created, without changing anything about the original instance that I've got running.
If master window is also "original instance", I'm not sure what you mean about opening tabs in that window without changing anything. Please elaborate or maybe post screenshots that illustrate what you mean.

A related question: I found this link to a useful command line reference, but is there a CLI reference maintained by VanDyke somewhere?
All the command-line options are documented in three separate topics under SecureCRT's Help topic Using the Software / Command-Line Options:
  • Using the Software / Command-Line Options / Overview of Command-Line Options
  • Using the Software / Command-Line Options / Table of Standard Command-Line Options
  • Using the Software / Command-Line Options / Table of Protocol-Specific Command-Line Options

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