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launching tabs in a specific master window?

So apologies for not even knowing what the right word is for what I'm calling the "master window" - the thing you'd see if you just launched secureCRT with no options/configs at all.

Background: I run an instance of SecureCRT virtually 100% of the time with my "normal" tabs open. What I'm trying to do is automate something that looks like this:

0) via the command line (or more likely a batch file),

1) open a NEW instance/window(?) of secure CRT - one that starts without any tabs/sessions open (i.e. it ignores the default tabs that I have configured already)

2) for some number of SSH sessions (between 1-10 most of the time) I want to call secureCRT.exe [lots of options] and have it open that session and options inside a new tab, but that new tab is inside the 'master window' I just created, without changing anything about the original instance that I've got running.

I think there may be an option to specifically bind a new tab (the /T option) to a specific instance/window, but I don't know what to look for ...

A related question: I found this link to a useful command line reference, but is there a CLI reference maintained by VanDyke somewhere?
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