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Hi jbd1300,

You cannot use the config passphrase anyway if some users have older versions of SecureCRT. You also won't be able to share the config via the split config functionality since that is also available only in later versions of SecureCRT (see below).

Changes in SecureCRT 7.2 (Beta 1) -- October 8, 2013

New features:

  • Added a global option to store personal data such as usernames and passwords in a location separate from the rest of the session data, which allows personal data to be kept private while other configuration data is stored on a network drive or on the cloud so that it can be used on different systems or shared with colleagues.

Changes in SecureCRT 7.3.3 (Official) -- March 31, 2015

New features:

  • Previous versions of SecureCRT supported saving passwords and other sensitive data. In order to improve the security of this feature, SecureCRT now requires a passphrase to be created the first time version 7.3.3 runs. This passphrase will be used to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data stored in the session database, such as passwords and send/expect logon scripts.

That really leaves only one option available to you for sharing the config when some users have to use a much older version of SecureCRT:

I am storing the Config file on a private network that only my dept can get to ...
If you have no means to upgrade the users that have SecureCRT v5, it may be best if the config to be shared comes from the older version, as not all features of SecureCRT v7.3.x are going to be "backwards compatible".

Then, the best way to share the config folder in your environment is probably going to be as explained in this post.

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