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Disable Session Files Encryption - Entire Config Session File

I would like to piggy back off of this ask.

I would like to push a copy of my session file to a centralized location, such as to a network share. I am storing the Config file on a private network that only my dept can get too, however the encryption process is taking quite a while, when opening for the first time. I have now let the encryption process run for 8 hours, and it hasn't stopped. The only way I am able to cancel, is by ending the process in task manager. After re-opening SecureCRT, it locks up, and will not respond. Is there a way to disable encryption on Config session files when storing on a network share? The sessions are being stored in a secure network, and there are no passwords being kept, so the encryption process is not needed for my project. The version I am running is Version 7.3.4 (build 839). However another note is the users that will be using these sessions files range from version 5 to the current 7.3.4.


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