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Hi vtphilk,

When you first launch SecureCRT 7.3.3, you are provide with two options. The most secure option would be to provide a passphrase, but saving passwords is still not recommended. The second, non-default option is to provide no passphrase.

If you are saving sensitive data like passwords or using logon actions, and using 7.3.3, all of your colleagues will also have to be using 7.3.3. If you have configured a passphrase, your colleagues will have to use the same passphrase. If you opt to use the second option and not use a passphrase, they will have to do the same.

If you are not saving sensitive data like passwords, or using logon actions, then you should not see a difference when using 7.3.3.

Does this help to clarify how to use the new feature?

Also, we don't have an option for deploying SecureCRT with a pre-defined option for the new passphrase functionality. We will post here if we add this in the future.

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