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For Each or Do Until----Help Please

Correct..if the modem is not in the list, then it's open and not in use.

Yes, based on all the modems in the array, if it can find an open one, that would be exactly what i need. It doesn't necessarily have to be the first one, but just an open one. I would assume that the script would need to know all modems in order to look. I have a total of 9 modems to choose from, and which ever one i can find not in the list, that would be it.

modem_inuse(1) = "modem1"
modem_inuse(2) = "modem2"
modem_inuse(3) = "modem3"
modem_inuse(4) = "modem5"
modem_inuse(5) = "modem6"
modem_inuse(6) = "modem7"
modem_inuse(7) = "modem8"
modem_inuse(8) = "modem15"
modem_inuse(9) = "modem16"