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Hello herbert,

By "The connect in tab feature is hidden behind the arrow", I am guessing you have the "new" toolbar style of only 6 icons enabled.

Clicking the Connect icon itself should result in the 'Connect' dialog being displayed. From there, the option to 'Open in a tab' can be enabled (bottom right). Once enabled, it is the default behavior until disabled.

As a note, we expect the official release of SecureCRT 6.6 (build 278) to be available today, October 21. The installers are usually available from our website around noon EDT.

Also, in case it has not been posted previously on the forums, for those users who prefer the "classic" toolbar style, this can be changed by editing the 'Global.ini' found in the config folder.

D:"Toolbar Style=00000001" Classic
D:"Toolbar Style=00000002" New

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