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full screen & line wrap toggle

I just installed 6.6b4 on OS X 10.6 and have 3 suggestions to make:

- was looking for an easier way to toggle full screen mode (maybe a "Restore" button alongside the tabs bar) - While "connected to Local Shell" I pressed the "Esc" key twice thinking it would do the trick, but instead, I get this printed on the screen:

Display all 1289 possibilities? (y or n)

- In Session Options > Emulation Modes > Line Wrap (checkboxes) and Enable line wrap mode switching" how does that actually work - I would prefer something alongside the "Window" menu to toggle the "line wrap" feature because I spend lots of my time reading live (with tail -f) & static system log files that have lines of varying lengths - it would be nice to turn on/off that particular feature. Please let me know if I'm missing something.

That's about it for now, I am paying for a license once my trial period ends. I use SecureCRT for Windows, and now for OS X - for my SSH access and built-in SOCKS5 proxy support needs, it does the job very well.

Thanks for the port!

best regards,

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