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Ok, that worked, but...


In looking for the answers to your questions I came across a "migration.exe" file in the installation folder for SecureFX. Taking a chance, I ran the file. I followed the instructions, and I was able to get all of the session data migrated over successfully. The connections are now working in SecureFX.

However, I ran into another problem: for some reason, SecureFX isn't recognizing the directory tree once it logs in with one of our FTP accounts. The result is that there is no easy navigating through the server. Double-clicking to enter one folder leaves you powerless to go back a step to the previous folder. This is going to cause a lot of headache for our developers.

Do you know what is causing this error, and, if so, what we can do to fix it? I'd hate for this to be the one hang that stops us from purchasing the software...

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