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Just re-iterating a previous request :-)

Ok, I took the dive and downloaded both SCRT and SFX and installed both on my primary laptop (scary!)... and immediately got a "failed convert" on the installation of SCRT.

After reading the error, it looks like it didn't see the SFX DLL and errored on that. (I installed them in the order above). Not that its a big deal (it works now) but I almost had a heart attack after converting everything on my primary system (teaches me eh? talk about a risk taker).

So... for requests... I'd still like something like RSYNC in there or some resonable mechanism for syncing trees (not using the sync system in SFX at the moment as there is no way to create multiple sync sessions for different machines). Also I like the fact that rsync will update HUGE files by only transferring whats changed (ie. log files that grow and are in the > 150MB in size :-)

Ok, so this request was also a feable attempt to be one of the first 50 posters. I'll start using this a little more this morning and see what else I can find :-)


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