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More CRT Requests

A couple of requests, some may have been mentioned before:
1. The possibilty to start more than one session from Auto Session Setup. Very useful when you want to start maybe 30 sessions at startup.
2. You can start all sessions within a folder in the connect window (requested earlier, but important...).
3. When you close the main window, it seems that it exit with all sessions open. A better solution is to ask if you really want to close or better still, ask if all session should be closed.
4. Make it possible to cascade or tile the sessions. Not only tabs.
5. When you have filled the tabs with sessions (20-30), they will be very small and hard to find the right session. Make it possible to sort them, pref. alphabetic order.
6. Make it possible to also use ctrl/c and ctrl/v for copy and paste.
7. Scrollback-buffer bigger than 32000.