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Unhappy Geting logs from multiple nodes


Scripting is not my field so I'm having issues with making a script.

This is the situation: I'm connected to the system and authorized. I want to connect to several RBSs and get alarms from them.

Basically I need to do this on for each node:

	crt.Screen.Send "amos nodeID" & chr(13)
	crt.Screen.WaitForString "[0m> "
	crt.Screen.Send "alt" & chr(13)
	crt.Screen.WaitForString "[0m> "
	crt.Screen.Send "q" & chr(13)
I know I should be able to load nodes from a host file and then iterate this over that list but the example scripts are way too complicated and when I try to change anything it all fails miserably. I know how to log to separate files but this part is way over my head.

Some help would be appreciated.
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