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Extending Eveluation

We are in the process of purchasing a number of licences, but internal processes are taking longer than anticipated.
So, I requested an extension and got sent some instructions that I don't seem able to follow.

Instructions as follows (evaluation has ~3 days remaining);

1. Start the application.

a. If the application has not expired, select "Enter License
Data" from the Help menu and enter the license data.

2. Click on the "Extend Evaluation" button.

After step 1a, my options are "Play Demo...", Next or Cancel - no "Extend Evaluation" option.

If I go Next, I can "Enter Licence Manually" but I don't actually have a full licence yet.

What am I missing?

Version 8.5.4 (x64 build 1942) - Official Release - 30 May 2019

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Issue Date: 09-03-2019
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