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Angry Dropping Characters


I have some code to send commands to switches with Secure CRT but no matter what I try it keeps dropping the first character of the command I send to the switch.

Here is part of the script.

objSe.Connect "/TELNET "&IPNumber&" 23"

If ( objSe.connected ) Then
i = i + 1
objse.logfilename = "c:\Switch\"&IPNumber&".Log"
objSc.WaitForString ":",1
SelectRow = objSc.CurrentRow
Login = objSc.Get(SelectRow, 1, SelectRow, 20)
objSc.WaitForString "assword:",1
objSc.Send "password" & vbCr
objSc.Send "sho ver" & vbCr
objSc.Synchronous = True
objSc.Send "SHOW Interface" & vbCr

It works until it gets to the "sho ver" or the "SHOW Interface" then it loses the first letter of the command and sends "HOW Interfac which of course doesn't work.

I use the Synchronous true statement and I have set it in numerous places with the same result.

What can I do to make it see the whole command ever time?

Please help!


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