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Originally Posted by conneryc View Post
With echo on, I can see that the +++ is being sent by the script, but the modem doesn't see it. The script just pauses waiting for "OK". However, if I manually type the +++ on my keyboard the modem DOES see it and returns the "OK" and the script then sends the ATH0 and the modem hang up the line.

I can't seem to determine why the modem isn't getting the +++ from the script, but does when entered manually from the keyboard?
The modem is receiving the +++, that's a certainty.

What's probably the issue here is that -- according to what I've briefly researched outside the scope of any SecureCRT involvement -- with a number of modems, the "+++" escape sequence has to be prefaced/followed by a 1-second delay in order for the modem to recognize it as an actual escape sequence (as opposed to just three '+' chars coming in as part of a normal data stream).

One thing that comes to mind is to try something to make it seem more like you're typing things in manually, by slowing things down a wee bit and introduce a 1-second delay before you send it. For example:

    crt.Screen.WaitForString "Press RETURN to get started."
    ' The escape sequence needs a 1-second delay before...
    crt.Sleep 1000

    ' Increase the character send delay to make it seem more
    ' like things are being typed in by a human -- instead of
    ' a machine... First, store the current char send delay:
    nOrigValue = crt.Session.Config.GetOption("Character Send Delay"))
    ' Next, set the value to 50 ms to simulate a fast typer
    crt.Session.Config.SetOption "Character Send Delay", 50

    ' Now, let's "send" the +++
    crt.Screen.Send "+++"

    ' Now, let's restore the char send delay to orig value
    crt.Session.Config.SetOption "Characters Send Delay", CINT(nOrigValue)

    crt.Screen.WaitForString "OK"
    crt.Screen.Send "ATH0" & vbcr


Exit Sub
If that doesn't work, you'll need to explore and experiment with adjusting the timing/delay until you get a value set that works for sending the escape sequence to your modem.

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