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A couple of notes from a new user.

First i want to start off by saying i love the new options in 5.0 ESPECIALLY the tabs. It is something i have been wanting for quite a while from SecureCRT. Now to the nitty gritty.

The only bug i seem to have run into so far, is when using two tabbed conenctions, you cannot run simultaneous ncurses displays. The second attempt to open and instance of an ncurses based program will give you this error.

Your display is too small to run Menuconfig!
It must be at least 19 lines by 80 columns. (Or some variation, i tried it with 2 other ncurses based programs)

Also i want to put my vote in for tab cloneing. I saw it mentioned a few times before, but one other vote cant hurt.

Also, SecureCRT seems to forget your session options (mainly emulation preferences) when it is anything other than the main tab. For example Loading SITE 1 first gives me correct emulation, but closing securecrt and then loading SITE 2 and then SITE 1 in a second tab seems to give me the same emulation for SITE 1 as SITE 2.

These are just some opening observations to get me going, im sure ill have more to come soon.