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Changes in SecureCRT 5.0 (Alpha) -- November 30, 2004

New features:
  • Added the ability to create multiple global firewalls, which can be used on a per-session basis.

  • When SecureFX is also installed, it is possible to launch SecureFX and connect to specific sessions from SecureCRT. This can be done from the tab menu or from the Connect dialog.
  • The global SSH1 public key can now be specified from the Session Options dialog on the Public Key Properties dialog.

Bug fixes:
  • Sessions sometimes inherited the geometry from another window or a previous session.
  • When a session was started minimized, the geometry was incorrect, which resulted in lines being cut off.
  • If anti-idle was turned off for any session, the timer was turned off, which affected all sessions.
  • When SecureFX was also installed, the file transfer protocol defaulted to SFTP, which resulted in an invalid combination for terminal protocols other than SSH2.
  • When trying to create a new session, if the session name "New" already existed, an error was sometimes displayed as soon as the Session Options dialog was launched.
  • Telnet: If a connection timed out or got a "reset by peer" error, SecureCRT crashed.