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Changes in SecureCRT 5.0 (Alpha) -- October 18, 2004

New features:
  • Added support for 256-color xterm.

  • The Session Options dialog has been reorganized and shows session options for SecureFX if it is installed.
  • The Connect dialog's "Open in tab" setting is used when opening a session from the MRU list.
  • The preferred hostkey type has been changed back to DSA.

Bug fixes:
  • Editing a session's properties after changing the protocol without saving the session caused SecureCRT to crash.
  • Attempting to make an SSH2 connection to a non-SSH host caused the session to hang.
  • SecureCRT crashed when attempting an SSH1 connection using a bad hostname.
  • SecureCRT crashed when disconnecting from an SSH2 or SFTP session where a firewall was required but not used.
  • Nothing happened when "New SFTP tab" was selected from the tab menu of an SFTP session.
  • After closing an SSH2 tab and its SFTP tab, connecting to any SSH2 session opened an SFTP session.
  • When attempting to lcd into the root of a drive in an SFTP tab, SecureCRT reported that the system could not find the file specified.
  • The tab bar placeholder did not go away until the SecureCRT window was redrawn.
  • SecureCRT crashed if a TAPI connection did not succeed.
  • The phone number was not being saved for TAPI sessions.
  • Under some circumstances, SecureCRT displayed Finnish characters incorrectly using UTF-8 encoding.
  • Text with the blink attribute set was being redrawn unnecessarily when the "Enable blink" attribute was off for the color scheme, which caused flickering.
  • Sometimes there were window redraw and size problems when the chat window was opened and SecureCRT was not connected to a session.
  • WYSE50 emulation did not clear the screen when vi started.
  • There was some strange behavior with selected text in vi.
  • SFTP sessions could not retrieve the error text for errors.
  • The Custom menu and toolbar file was not being displayed in the Global Options dialog.