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Changes in SecureCRT 5.0 (Alpha) -- September 28, 2004

  • When a tabbed session is disconnected, the tab is closed if the session option "Close on disconnect" is set.
  • Added an "Open in a tab" checkbox to the Connect dialog.
  • Added alpha forum link to the Help menu.
  • In the MRU list, full folder names are shown instead of ellipses.
  • In the Global Options dialog, renamed the "Terminal Emulation" category to "Terminal.
Bug fixes:
  • Could not connect when a generic proxy was used.
  • The emulation setting was being reset to VT100 every time SecureCRT was restarted.
  • When a sessions folder was renamed, all the configuration data was deleted.
  • Autoreconnect happened for the active session, regardless which session had lost the connection.
  • The Autoreconnect dialog did not say which session was being reconnected.
  • The default firewall was SOCKS version 4 instead of None.
  • The UI treated disconnected SSH1, serial, and TAPI sessions as though they were still connected.
  • Reconnect did not work for SFTP sessions.
  • Selecting "New SFTP Tab" from the tab context menu used the currently active tab rather than the tab that was clicked on.
  • SecureCRT crashed if the SSH2 protocol was not installed.
  • SSH1: When command-line arguments were specified for an SSH1 session, the port was reset to 22 and the authentication method was reset to password.
  • VCP: Wildcards were case sensitive under Windows.