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Hi UsamaWaheed,
Can you guys kindly have a look at the portable process? Try it at your end and share with us all the steps that we need to carry out including editing all the other folder locations and the variable {VDS_CONFIG..}?
I know it's a bit of a hassle but I kindly request if you can help out.
I did and it worked exactly as expected.

You should not be editing the INI files at all. It is unnecessary and those variables have a purpose, but they have no bearing on this use case.

First I tried putting it in SecurCRT folder and I had knownhosts in the config folder...i could see all my saved hosts go there so it took the correct config folder. However, on exiting it went one folder up created config folder with just the files i mentioned earlier.

Then I thought maybe, it needs to be in the root directory (MySecureCRT), did the same but then it went one folder up and created it a config folder on desktop (the parent for MySecureCRT).
I see. I think you have misinterpreted the original directions. They don't say put the installation directory inside a folder. The install folder *becomes* the target/USB folder (the top level folder). I hope that makes sense?

Basically it sounds like you have SecureCRT inside MySecureCRT but SecureCRT should be the top level folder (then Config subfolder inside) and license file, batch, etc.

Does this help clarify?

If you get rid of the extraneous parent folder MySecureCRT, what are the results?

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