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We believe you are asking for SecureCRT to create a COM port on the computer that a program (like HyperTerm) could connect to using serial. SecureCRT would then forward any traffic from the serial port to the remote server.

Is this an accurate summary of the functionality desired?
No sorry, not exactly what i meant. (Except the part with "SecureCRT would then forward any traffic from the serial port to the remote server.")

To explain the situation for better understanding:
We got terminal-boxes, and want to gradual replace them by a software-emulator (like securecrt). This terminal boxes have an Ethernet Interface, Serial-Interfaces and also a parallel. On the parallel we have connected a printer, on the serial is connected a Optical Mark Recognition-Device.

So, if i replace the terminalbox by a pc with securecrt, its no problem to print on the windpws-pc (during ssh/telnet session) trough the paralell-port (with some parameters set: direct-pass-through-printing, no windows spooler,..).

But if I want to use the OMR-Reader, which is connected to the com1 of the pc, it dont work! Are there some special parameter-settings fro securecrt to use the locale serial-port while connected to a ssh-server?
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