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Post How to automatically clone a specific session and then ssh to host

I am in a position where I access devices by ssh'ing into a jump box, then I need to ssh into another jump box (only accessible by the first), at which point I can ssh into any devices I need to. In the past, I would setup port forwarding (via the Firewall setting for the session), however the jump boxes I am now using do not have port forwarding enabled. They do, however, have cloning enabled.

So, I would like to setup SecureCRT so when I double click on a session in the session manager, it clones an already open session, then ssh into the 2nd layer jump box, and then finally ssh into the hostname saved in the session. Any thoughts on how to do this? Without being able to do this, I am stuck typing in hostnames (or shortcut names in my ~/.ssh/config file), which isn't ideal.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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