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Hi metallicat,

What version of SecureCRT are you using?

On what OS?

In the Windows version, Enter is the accelerator for Reconnect (as shown next to Reconnect in the File menu). There is not a built-in accelerator for Disconnect, but you can map a key (or button) to perform almost any menu function:
  • Go to Terminal / Emulation / Mapped Keys category of Session Options
  • Choose Map a Key...
  • Press key combination you wish to use (cannot be a built-in accelerator currently in use)
  • In Function menu dropdown, choose Menu Function
  • In Menu Function menu dropdown, choose MENU_DISCONNECT

To make this change to many or all sessions, see these tips on our website:
Since you would be making a change that affects many sessions, the recommendation is to export your config as a backup as a best practice. That can be done (version 7.3.x and later) from the Tools menu (Export Settings), you would just specify an XML file where the info should be exported.

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