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Dear jarmnah,

Please post original graphics, not a .doc/.docx file.

Though the behavior you are describing is likely a configuration issue, please note that version 7.1.2 has not been in active development since 7 Nov, 2013 -- it is not a version that is supported on the Windows 10 platform.

The description of the behavior seems to indicate that the remote system shell environment is hard-coded to 45 lines, so no matter how many more you have in SecureCRT's terminal, if the remote system believes there are only 45 lines, that's all it will use.

Typically you can run stty -a on the remote terminal to determine the size of the terminal that the remote system thinks it's speaking to. If the rows and cols reported by stty -a don't match what you have in SecureCRT's status bar, then it means the remote system has hard coded the number of rows and columns; further troubleshooting of remote system terminal size issues is something you will need to continue with the help of the remote system admins.

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