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Global Options -> Printing[Possible bug]

I encounter strange behaviour when I work on my laptop, with SecureCRT 50 (build 749): When in Global options, and clicking the Printing options, The program cannot find the margins from my printer (which is disconnected). It is thereafter very hard to get out of the global options box, it tkes many entres on notifications and ESC key pressess. Besides, once clkicked on a printing option (or suboption), any other option is a no-no, lots of messages again.

Exact behaviour:
mouseclick on [Printing], long wait,m then popup message "Cannot get Printer defaults", Mouseclick on "OK" results in new popup: "margins are either off the page or overlap", then long waits and subsequent repeats of the messages.

Hope this helps your developers developing towards perfection.

Regards, Hermen Lesscher