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Logical Workspaces


Apologies if this is a feature already available in SecureCRT that I am not aware of, but this recently occurred to me so I thought I'd share..

If I am working with multiple CLI sessions (routers, switches, firewalls, servers etc.) all from different environments of the company network (e.g. different datacentre sites) on a particular project delivery, is there a way to save these tabs as a single logical workspace? Like a snapshot, and then save as project workspace.

I realise I could build a separate folder & session but these objects would already exist in my hierarchy so that would be unnecessary duplication.

So using existing objects tabbed sessions and grouping them as "Project ABC" under a separate part of the hierarchy. This would help with not having to re-open individual sessions to rebuild the workspace picture if re-work was required and could promote configuration consistency since you wouldn't open the wrong session by accident!

At the close of the project you could delete the logical 'workspace' without deleting the session object from your parent hierarchy.

I think this would be an excellent addition to the product.
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