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Post Change physical keyboard (language) settings for sessions

Hi all,

By default when I open SecureCRT, my local keyboard settings (i.e. language) is loaded. I can see this when I go to tools -> Keymap editor.

This is nice when I connect to my linux sessions: SecureCRT seems to adapt my local physical keyboard layout to the one configured at the remote server. So in practice, although the server has a different layout configured (ex. "US"), in my session everything works as if the layout of the remote server is the same as the one in my laptop (ex. "SP").

However, I wanted now to respect the remote server keyboard settings in my session. Is there a way to tell SecureCRT to "follow" the settings found at the remote server?

Hope someone can give me a hand! All the searches I've done so far deal with mapping key strokes to special functions and I believe that what I am looking for is way simpler.

Thanks and regards,
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