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Sorry. more details below. You can find the script in the link at the end.
Im using securert 6.1.1 on win7 64bits. Don't know the details of the other PCs I tested in but they were all win7.

Synchronous has been true since the beginning. I recently I also put IgnoreEscape = True.

The kind of errors I get are:

The word "Username:" comes in but the script does not act on it and just keeps waiting.

Other error I got was on the if in line 69 after sending strPassword, the script sends the commands even though the credentials were incorrect (I get another "Username:" prompt and not the "#" prompt.

One note is the server is a Windows server telnet server used as jump server which only works with secureCRT. There is something wrong with that as it does not keep history lines.

Link to script
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