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Hi stuartX,

Thanks for the screenshots and code.

I have an idea to try and ferret out the cause of the issue.

Please add an Else case to the Select Case statement (I included a few lines above and below where it needs to be placed):
            Case "SSH1"
                cnxnString = "/SSH1 /L " & strUsername & " /PASSWORD " & strPassword & " " & strIP
                ' Wait for connection to complete before moving on.
                bWait = True
            Case Else
                ' We should never get here, but if we do, we need to know.
                crt.Dialog.MessageBox _
                    "strProtocol contains no recognized protocol:" & vbcrlf &_
                    vbtab & strProtocol
            End Select	
If you see a pop-up with the string, what is the protocol?

Does the protocol exactly match one of the valid cases in the Select Case statement?

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