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SecureCRT 8.5.2 - Session settings are not being updated properly

I am trying to connect to a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.10, using an existing session. However, due to my client's password rules, I recently had to update my password for multiple servers. Upon trying to sign in with the new password, SecureCRT fails to connect and promptly disconnects after the correct password is provided.

I have confirmed I am able to login to this server using ssh via a local session launched in SecureCRT and by launching SecureCRT as a different user on my Mac and creating a new session for this server using the same user credentials. I have attempted deleting this session and the entry in the known hosts file, then recreating the session form scratch. However it appears some erroneous setting was not removed and is still continuing to cause login attempts to fail.

Other than the session files is there anything else which needs to be removed to delete all of the saved settings for this one session?
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