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Exclamation SecureCRT: FolderData files created as sessions


We utilize SecureCRT 8.1 within our team and use MS OneDrive local folder (which is getting synced to the cloud) as the main configuration path. This works great (well, except for some conflicts with sessions' personal settings - i have a separate thread for this here

Now, from time to time, the fake "FolderData_computer_name" sessions appear in the session manager, e.g.


It appears to be some sort of sync issue, because even though the session information is stored in the cloud, it's still a local folder which the app is working with. So i assume these "folderdata" files are being re-created with computer name prepended since (somehow) the app does not allow to overwrite them.

Regular "__FolderData__.ini" files do not appear as sessions in the session manager, most likely due to some built-in filtering, but those with the computer name appended we have to manually clean up.

Can you please look into this? I presume the most simple fix should be to ignore all files that have name starting with __FolderData

However, maybe it's worth checking why are those folderdata files are getting created/duplicated, since the actual session files themselves are not getting duplicated like this.

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