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Hi Dustin,

I was able add a logon action to the saved jumpbox session which did automatically ssh to the device, but I couldnt get it to automatically enter the password in (/L option didnt seem to take) Is there a way to define the logon action for a session via command-line options?
You would just configure the next line of Logon Actions with whatever password prompt the remote uses (Expect), then the password (Send).

No, there is not currently a way to configure logon actions via the command-line so you would need a saved session for each device.

The idea behind using arguments is you could specify /ARG CustomerUsername /ARG CustomerIPAddress /ARG CustomerPassword as part of the command-line, then edit your code, for example, as shown:

crt.Screen.Send "ssh " & crt.Arguments(0) & "@" & crt.Arguments(1) & chr(13)
crt.Screen.WaitForString "assword: "
crt.Screen.Send crt.Arguments(2) & chr(13)
So you had the right idea in your argument example, just the syntax was not quite right.

Does the above help you to incorporate the jump box connection into your script?

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