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What version of SecureCRT are you using?
7.0.3 (x64 build 480)

On what platform?
We have about 150 engineers, the vast majority of us are on Windows 7 (a few on XP or RHEL)

One way to accomplish this is to use Logon Actions (Session Options / Connection / Logon Actions), but using arguments will probably be the easier way if there are many devices you need to access from the jump box.

I was able add a logon action to the saved jumpbox session which did automatically ssh to the device, but I couldnt get it to automatically enter the password in (/L option didnt seem to take) Is there a way to define the logon action for a session via command-line options?

For example SecureCRT.exe /S SavedJumpSession /LogonAction "ssh username@CustomerIP /Password abc123"

Without posting sensitive data, how would you perform this manually? In other words, do you make a connection to the jump box via a SecureCRT session and then just type ssh user@hostname?

We would open securecrt and then ssh to the jumpbox and provide our personal username and password (I posted the saved session info from my machine below, which is my Default Session Setup Auto Session if that helps)

My jump ini file (jumpbox.ini)

Once we get a prompt, for example [dustin.hartman@JumpBox ~]$ we would then type ssh CustomerUsername@CustomerIPAddress and then when prompted for the password we enter in the password for that customer device. If it helps I recorded me connecting from our ssh jumpbox to a customer session below.

#$language = "VBScript"
#$interface = "1.0"

crt.Screen.Synchronous = True

' This automatically generated script may need to be
' edited in order to work correctly.

Sub Main
crt.Screen.Send "ssh CustomerUsername@CustomerIPAddress" & chr(13)
crt.Screen.WaitForString "CustomerUsername@CustomerIPAddress's password: "
crt.Screen.Send "CustomerPassword" & chr(13)
End Sub

Thanks for your help ;-D

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