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I've tested the interim build (Build 808), and I am still experiencing the selection issues...

I'm seeing this on only one connection at this point, however. On my private co-located server, running Linux, I maintain an active screen session at all times. I regularly login and logout of my server, detaching and re-attaching to the screen session as needed.

When using Mutt, if I select a portion of text, and then issue other commands (say I select text from an email, then go back to the index of mails, open another mail, et cetera) I still experience the selection problem. Even if I issue a screen refresh (ctrl-l) it will not fix it.

It does not go away until I issue a command for screen that issues a redraw of the terminal, such as switching to another window or issuing a screen-based refresh (ctrl-a, ctrl-l).

So this now looks to be an issue with screen and SCRT...which is a huge impact to me as I use screen personally and professionaly. Is there any other information I can provide?