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I think you've got it. For example I often want to quick sync a couple of databases and some Word and Powerpoint files across several machines. I store them in the "same" directory (relative to the root directory on a given file system) so that I can sync without making errors. So I find myself doing a sync on directories:


which means I spend a lot of time wading through trees on the local machine then cutting and pasting into the directory for the remote machine (which could be one of several) and then remembering to turn on or off the "include subdirectories" flag. So I would like to click the Quick Sync button and get a choice of Quick Sync sessions.

Similarly, I often find myself "cd-ing" to one of the above directories to get a file. It would be nice to be able to do a CTRL-G and get a list of either the most recent locations or a list of those I told it to save - and I would prefer the latter.

Thanks - Greg