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Hi GregFlint,

Thank you for the feature requests.

What I would like to see is some way of saving the values of the five options (the 4 blanks and checkbox) of the quick sync with some associated name (similar to how I can name connections for the "connect" dialog).

Ditto for saving a list of "change-dir" paths that I could quickly select.

It would be helpful if a different change dir table would be associated with each connection (remote, plus the local session), but even a table that included directories for a mix of connections would be better than either trying to remember complex paths or chasing through the trees.
Let me make sure that I understand your request. In reading through your message, it sounds like you want to add a couple history options that would be session specific.

In relation to the Quicksync functionality, you want to have a database of settings that can be identified and chosen by a user defined name.

You also want this same ability for changing to specific directory paths, rather than having to navigate through directory trees or specifying an initial directory path.

Is this correct?