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I've seen this approach, but editing the registry to change the default handler is not an option for us (for several reasons). Making changes to the client system is just not an option for us.

The only thing I can think of that might work is if I could create an ASP that would lauch SecureCRT on the client machine, but doubt I could get through the security our support group has put in place to prevent such a thing (assuming the current versions of IE are even capable of lanching an EXE from an ASP).

What I really need is a radio button in SecureCRT, (something like "Use session connections only"). When checked, if you open SecureCRT without specifying a session, SecureCRT will automatically try to match up the IP address or hostname you are trying to connect to, to an existing session. If there is no match, then SecureCRT would just automatically create a session with the IP address or hostname as the session name. It wouldn't be that differant than how you handle certs for new or previously connected devices.
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