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Call script in command line while starting SecureCRT?

Hey all,

Wondering if there's a way to do what I'm trying to accomplish.

Backstory: I'm writing an AutoHotKey script to automate some compliance auditing for my boss. This script (ideally when finished) will open SecureCRT, SSH to a few devices, log the sessions and run a few show commands to dump the configs into a text document. From there, another script will automatically open BeyondCompare 2 and compare the newly pulled configs against known good baseline configs.

I've got everything else working except this one little piece:

I'm opening SecureCRT via the 'Run' function in AutoHotkey, pointed to the .exe file path of SecureCRT on the machine. What I'm missing is the ability to automatically call the VBscript (login and show commands) once SecureCRT is opened.

Anybody have any ideas? Is there a command line switch I can add to the Run function that will tell SecureCRT to run that script upon opening?
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