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We've got about 25 engineers dealing with this now. We have 900+ devices and 50 locations, and a bunch of sub-folders. What we've done is first buy the appropriate number of licenses for all our users(just in case anyone from Vandyke reads this). Then install it onto a couple of terminal servers. We keep the session folder on the "all users/public" desktop and then we had the server guys setup DFSR to sync that folder between the two servers. The only issue is that everyone has to use the exact same session settings, colors, fonts, etc. The other problem we run into is that if someone new needs to set it up sometimes they'll point to the wrong target folder and new global config files and session folders are thrown into the listing. Easy enough to clean that up and delete.

However it would be awesome to see some sort of sync up of strictly hostname/session name, but make the finer details(saved pass, colors, etc.) stay specific to each user. That almost sounds like it would require splitting out the config.ini for each session into two files. One file could contain the pertinent information needed to connect and the other would have user specific customizations. I suppose some sort of script could potentially be setup to run each AM to read through a specific folder and then create or copy those that don't match over to another location. Or something that could read just a couple of variables and sync those up.

VanDyke this would be a huge plus to be able to offer this. It would really make your product scale out well for larger teams.

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