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Red face

it's SecureCRT Version 5.5.2(build 475)
sorry,I don't know how to set log file while it run manually in the terminal window,but when I telnet to router,it's not empty,the code is blow:
Set a = crt.session.ConnectInTab("/telnet")
a.Session.LogFileName = CurrentPath &"\ftptest_"&t&".log"
a.Session.Log True

a.Screen.Send("Set interface ethernet/1 rxBPS "&maxdown&vbCr)
a.Screen.WaitForString "hiper%",1
a.Screen.Send("set interface ethernet/1 txBPS "&maxup&vbCr)
a.Screen.WaitForString "hiper%",1
a.Screen.Send("set cbt mDRRquantumTx "&mindown&vbCr)
a.Screen.WaitForString "hiper%",1
a.Screen.Send("set cbt mDRRquantum "&minup&vbCr)
a.Screen.WaitForString "hiper%",1
a.Screen.Send("sh r"&vbCr)
a.Screen.Send vbCr
crt.sleep 1000
a.Session.Log False
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