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G'day Jake!

I was just about to update my ticket to say exactly that, that the actual negotiated KEX, ciphers, etc, seems to not be part of the VRALib object.

I've been able to successfully make a connection using PowerShell and VRALib (that's cool in itself!) and when I look at the VRALib Object itself, it does show me a bunch of useful attributes about the connection, but mostly it is comprised of attributes I myself defined prior to connection.

Okay, I can see the lines in the debug log I want, like "Selected Send Mac = hmac-sha1", so I'll try to find a way to tail the log just as I connect to gather that stuff.

Thank you Jake, I consider my question resolved. If you have any customer interest in getting PowerShell equivalents of some of the VBScripts, I'd happy to share.
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