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Thanks - I see and was afraid you'd say that based on the example prompt you provided. I don't know of any workaround, and I do know there are many reasons you may want an emulator to be able to highlight certain strings. It would be a useful feature.

You're not the first person we've received a request from for the ability to bold or highlight certain strings. This is an important factor for us when we determine what can and should be implemented. As I mentioned, I added your forum post to our request database so that we can follow up if we have something to offer. We'll update this forum thread if bold/highlight string features are added, but please send e-mail or fill in our support form if you'd like an e-mail response if bold/highlight strings is implemented in a future version.

One possible alternative might be to use logging and then use a text editor to mark all occurrences of a particular string. Would this help you, or are you looking for an interactive type of real-time ability to bold certain strings?
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