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Hello GKnight,

Currently SecureCRT does not provide a built in ability to make certain strings appear in bold - but there may be a solution you could using ANSI colors depending on the operating system you're connecting to. Before discussing I'd like to let you know that I've added your request to our database so that we can notify you if a future version of SecureCRT does provide the ability to make certain strings appear in bold. If this feature is added and you would like to receive e-mail notification, please fill in this form and refer to forum thread 3019.

What type of operating system are you connecting to?

Do you have an option on the remote operating system to configure your prompt and send ANSI escape sequences?

For example, when I connect to a Unix or Linux host I can configure my prompt and, like you, I find it very useful to make a prompt stand out. I can provide more details if you think it will help you.
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