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Hi Chris,

There are a lot of variables that come into play with regards to scripting issues. In this particular case, we're going to need some more information about your setup in order to troubleshoot further. Could you please answer the following questions?
  • Which version of Windows are you on?
  • What is the exact version of SecureCRT from which you upgraded to version 9.0.1?
  • Is this upgrade something that happened in-place from the older version of SecureCRT to the newer version on the same machine, or did you move to another machine in the process of upgrading SecureCRT?
  • What is the encoding of the file your script is attempting to load? (ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-8 with BOM, etc.)
  • What exactly does the "file1" variable value reflect? A file name alone? A full path to a file?

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